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XTrack Equipment Distribution Center (EDC)

No more wondering…

XTrack Equipment Distribution Center

Who has the keys to that truck, or where the ATM card is that is supposed to belong there, or what is missing from our inventory. XTrack EDC (Equipment Distribution Centre) is an all-encompassing application that allows a user to effectively track all inventory items being assigned from an Equipment Distribution Center or cage.

Using a barcode scanner, inventory items are scanned in and out as they are distributed to employees. Complete Physical Inventory counts can be done at any time to comply with audits. Even prompt to distribute one-time items such as permits or pay cheques using XTrack EDC.

XTrack EDC has 3 levels of user security giving flexibility in allowing access to screens and data. In addition there is a full audit trail of all transactions so you can see who distributed the items in addition to who they were distributed to.

XTrack EDC provides you to be confident in where your inventory is and that you have the information to answer any questions about items.

XTrack EDC works independantly of XTrack

Features of XTrack Equipment Distribution Center

Benefits of XTrack Equipment Distribution Center