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Barcode Scanners

Many of RealTime Technology Group's software products work with both corded and cordless barcode scanners. RealTime is an authorized partner of many of the top scanner manufacturers in the world such as Motorola, Metrologic, Datalogic, Honeywell and Unitech.

Symbol LS 1203 Scanners

Motorola LS1203 Corded Laser Scanner
Excellent Value for Everyday Use
The Motorola LS1203 delivers high quality laser scanning at an affordable price. This scanner is designed to meet the needs of small businesses.Buy Now

Motorola LS 2208 Scanners

Motorola LS2208 Corded Laser Scanner
Excellent Performance and Superior Ergonomics at an Affordable Price
At the high end of the Motorola "Smart Line" of ergonomically designed hand-held scanners, the LS2208 Scanner is the best-value hand-held scanners in their class.Buy Now

Motorola LS4208 Scanners

Motorola LS4208 Corded Laser Scanner
Performance, Comfort and Reliability for Retail and Commercial Applications
The LS 4208 is the next-generation, high-performance scanner for customers who value productivity. scanning solutions.Buy Now

Motorola LS3008 Scanners

Motorola LS3008 Rugged Corded Laser Scanner
Value Class Rugged Scanner
The LS3008 rugged handheld scanner offers affordable performance and durability in smaller manufacturing and light industrial environmentsBuy Now

Motorola LS4278 Scanner

Motorola LS4278 Cordless Bluetooth Laser Scanner
Excellent Value for Everyday Use
Motorola's LS4278 Bluetooth enabled cordless laser handheld scanner delivers superior scanning anywhere in the workplace, helping boost productivity and profitability. Bluetooth connectivity gives a wireless range of 50 feet.Buy Now

Datalogic PowerScan M8300

Datalogic PowerScan M8300 Rugged Cordless Laser Scanner
Top Rated Industrial Use Handheld Cordless Scanner
Narrow band communication allows for wireless range of up to 300ft. Designed for rugged, industrial environments the PowerScan can be used one-to-one with base or grouped connected to a single base. Buy Now