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RealTime Physical Inventory

Are you still performing Physical Inventory or Cycle Counts using paper and pen?

With RTPI from RealTime Technology Group you can easily use a physical inventory count handheld computer to scan your barcodes and collect data faster and more accurately. Integrated to Microsoft Excel, RealTime Data Collector can either validate against an inventory list or simply collect the data for download and comparison.

Using a Windows Mobile mobile computer, RTPI allows you to load a snapshot of your inventory and then go around and perform a physical inventory or cycle count. When you scan the barcode, the description, quantity and location will automatically appear. You can then edit any information to match what is really in inventory and save the record. When you have completed your physical inventory or cycle count you simply download the output file into Excel.

From there you can edit, print, or import your physical inventory or cycle count into another software program.

What you get is an affordable, easy-to-use but effective and quick way to maintain accurate inventory using physical inventory or cycle counts.

Features of RT Physical Inventory:

If you already have a Windows Mobile/CE device you can purchase the RT-PI software only. The software also comes in a Kit which includes:

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