? XTrack Firefighter Accountability and Inventory System
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XTrack Firefighter Accountability and Inventory System

XTrack is a fire service accountability system utilizing the power of handheld computers to electronically capture vital on-scene data about the movement and status of personnel during the duration of the incident.

XTrack Accountability System

Four Handheld Applications in One System

On Scene XTrack Accountability and XTrack Equipment Tracking applications allow you to successfully and easily track both personnel and equipment throughout a fire scene. XTrack Inventory Control application to account for your assets on vehicles and at the station house; and XTrack Training Attendance application to keep track of firefighter attendance at training exercises. All four of these applications sync with the XTrack Desktop Application, keeping your data in a single database. All four applications come with the system but can be used independently of each other.

At the core of the system are Accountability and Firefighters are issued barcoded accountability tags that either take the place of or add on to an existing cow tag system. As each firefighter enters and leaves the scene or location sectors within the incident their tag is scanned using a hand held, rugged computer with an integrated barcode scanner. Alternatively, departments without barcoded accountability tags can manually enter tag/badge numbers or track by name. XTrack has the flexibility built into it to accommodate multiple methodologies.

XTrack Accountability System

Using a handheld computer allows you to record assignments and activities quicker and more accurately, with the benefit of recording a complete historical audit trail of the scene. No more pen and paper, writing down assignments or trying to keep track of everyone and everything on a board. XTrack is the easier and more effective way of providing Accountability!

XTrack allows you to easily control and access your data. You can import and export data to and from XTrack, and an extensive reporting module lets you see your data when you need it. We can even customize reports for you. Additionally, if you already have a Fire Service Records Management System, we can configure XTrack to share data with it. We are already fully integrated to FirePro2 RMS.

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